Color Standards

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Did you know there are more official UF colors than orange and blue? Secondary color palettes can make your work more dynamic while staying on brand. Continue reading


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Understand the font landscape across campus, with information on how UF’s branding uses the typefaces Gentona and Quadon to achieve a sophisticated and consistent tone. Continue reading

Photographic Style

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Photography is used to convey a sense of energy and warmth—whether it’s human personality or Florida sunshine—to the viewer. Radiating outdoor light and active people basking or working in it, are essential components of our photography. People It’s people –… Continue Reading →

Editorial Style

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Tone Words We’ve established a set of tone words that embody our unique selling proposition of “Together, Unstoppable”. Keeping them in mind will help when developing communications for the brand. When speaking to different audiences, certain tone words will be… Continue Reading →

Official Stationery

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All you need to know about proper use of UF business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Continue reading

Social Media

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Social media is, like websites, official university communication. Registration and approval is required before launching a social media account that includes university content. Continue reading

Web Standards

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Guidelines and templates for aligning your web sites with the new home page and UF brand. Continue reading

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