Stationery System

UF stationery is intended to identify the communicator/bearer in terms of his/her relationship with the university and should only be used for official UF business purposes. Business cards should identify the bearer with respect to his/her official position at the university. If there is a compelling need to include personal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, contact the Office of University Communications at 352-846-3903 or contact us here to request an exception.

The university has aligned itself with specific certified printers, all of whom adhere to FSC standards. Be sure the printer you choose is on this list.



Office, address and phone information: The primary purpose of printed information on stationery and envelopes is to provide information for responses. That information, in its minimum form, should include the university’s name, the unit name, box number and/or room number and building, city, state and 5 plus 4 zip code on the envelope. The stationery should also include the general office telephone numbers with area code. No more than three unit names (office, center, department, college) should be used (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of History, for example).

Type sizes: The primary unit division, department, center or other name (unit sending letter) is 10-point bold with 12-point leading. All other address information is 10-point regular or Roman (not bold) with 12- point leading.

Names and titles: With the exception of the president of the university, printed stationery is not to be personalized. Business cards are the appropriate place for such personalized information.

Please refer to the letterhead template below to ensure you adhere to the specific guidelines.
UF Contract for Letterhead Stationery, Envelopes and Business Cards

Letterhead Template:

Download the UF Letterhead template (.doc)

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Names and titles: The names and titles of individuals are not to be printed on envelopes.

Embossing, Engraving: Envelopes are not to be engraved or embossed.

Large envelopes: For envelopes larger than the standard #10 business envelope, the size of the university logo and the return address may be increased but with consideration for the postal regulations.

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Biz Cards

Business Cards

The title/Position/College/Unit Name block should not exceed four lines. Address block should only include the primary UF business address. Telephone/email block can include office phone, cell phone, office fax, UF email address and/or an official UF web address, but should not include personal email addresses or websites. The template below indicates reflects proper placement of information.

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Adv Degree Can Biz Cards

Advanced Degree Candidate Business Cards

While students are not permitted to have the same business cards as faculty and staff, a distinct design is available for advanced degree candidates.

The card should include name, course of study, college and department, departmental address and telephone number and campus email address. No additional information is authorized without prior approval.

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Note Cards

Note cards (A2 size):

Smaller, folding note cards and envelopes may be printed for use as invitations, thank-you notes, personal communications and similar, less formal correspondence. The PDF below can be provided to a certified printer. Matching A2 envelopes may be ordered when appropriate. When ordering printed A2 envelopes is necessary, specify the imprint on the rear flap. A primary or secondary logo must be used, and a return address may be added when warranted.



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