Previously referred to as Secondary Signatures, Secondary Logos are the official marks for institutional segments such as Colleges, Schools, Administrative Offices, Departments, Centers and Institutes.

All colleges, schools, administrative offices, departments, centers and institutes of UF are expected to follow the identity guidelines and utilize the secondary logo configuration illustrated on this website. Creating unique, individual logos is not in compliance with identity guidelines. UF does not create logos for buildings or venues. Secondary Promotional Logos may be created to visually brand efforts within the unit.

Secondary logos are permitted on mailing panels, the inside pages of publications and on internal newsletters/notices. They can also be used on giveaway items and staff apparel/t-shirts. It is permissible to use the unit secondary logo in media advertising where space limitations make it impractical to include the UF primary logo. Secondary logos should not to be used on stationery, business cards, publication covers or other collateral materials. Contact us here with questions about the proper use of secondary logos.

A library of existing secondary logos (in various formats) is listed below. If your area is not present, please contact us to request the creation of an official secondary logo for your department, unit, center, institute or division.

Logos for UF/IFAS can be found on their branding site.

Unique Logos and Graphic Elements

Approvals for use of a graphic element on specialty items and clothing must be obtained from the Office of University Relations. If used with a UF logo, there must be a clear visual separation between the UF logo and the graphic element. The graphic element cannot be grouped with the UF logo in any way as to appear as a larger composite piece; and it cannot contain any element of the UF logo such as the monogram or the Gator Head. Graphic elements may never be used on letterheads, business cards or forms.

UF Health

Please note that UF Health has its own unique set of identity standards to maintain the integrity of its established brand. Any logo reflecting the UF Health name should follow UF Health identity standards . Requests for secondary logos pertaining to UF Health and its six health-related colleges, research centers, institutes and programs must flow through UF Health’s Communications Division for approval. Please contact 352-273-5810 for more information.


The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is the UF enterprise dedicated to agriculture and natural resources. Through teaching, research and extension, UF/IFAS develops scientific knowledge and makes it accessible and useful for the purpose of sustaining and enhancing quality of life throughout Florida, the nation and the world. For information about UF/IFAS branding, visit, or contact Tracy Bryant (

About Graphics Formats

EPS: Encapsulated Postscript. This is a “vector” file, scalable to any size within graphics software such as the Adobe Creative Suite. This format is usually preferred by vendors.
AI: Adobe Illustrator. This is also a source vector file, editable and scalable to any size and resolution needed. Requires the Adobe Creative Suite.
TIF, PNG, JPG: Bitmapped formats that have fixed resolutions. Do not enlarge these files, or pixels will show.