Units are thinking and behaving more entrepreneurially than ever. Secondary Promotional Logos are a new tool for UF communicators seeking to visually brand their promotional efforts, while staying aligned with UF branding.


A New Logo Landscape for UF Communicators

By targeting promotional efforts that relate to the academic mission with a new category of official secondary promotional logos, the first steps can be taken towards a more cohesive, consistent and unified visual identification system – a key improvement to the way our image is perceived by our audiences at a time when our national image is growing.

What Constitutes a Promotional Effort?

INITIATIVES — Think Before You Ink, Sustainable UF, Diversity Initiative
PROGRAMS — Field & Fork, Family Nutrition Program, Minority Mentor Program
EVENTS — Dance Marathon, Get Up and Give, Bug Week
SERVICES — U Matter We Care, GatorWell
CAMPAIGNS — Powering the New Engineer, Campus Climate Survey
MEDIA/WEB — Animal Airwaves, Lab Daze, UFCN
ORGANIZATIONS — Cicerones, Campus Diplomats, Healthy Gators

Promotional Logos ARE:

  • Expressive, open and unique
  • Subject to University Relations review before approval
  • Not restricted to official colors
  • Usable in print, websites and on promotional items

Promotional Logos ARE NOT:

The Framework

A fundamental goal of this system is to offer individuality and uniqueness to units seeking to visually brand their promotional efforts — while instituting brand-aligned, sophisticated typography to build consistency across campus.

A. Icon / Logomark. A symbol representing the effort. Should be free from typography with the exception of monogram-like arrangements of 1-3 letters.

B. Title. The official name of your promotional effort. Can vary from 1-3 lines, depending on length. Width is also variable as needed, and sidebars should maintain adequate spacing and not be crowded.

C. Descriptor. A reference to the unit, or a further explanation of the promotional title. In cases where a promotional logo will be marketed off-campus, listing “University of Florida” is required. For uses limited to campus only, it is not necessary to include University of Florida.

D. Type Lockup. The Title and Descriptor form the type lockup, whose font, format and arrangement may not be varied. All elements of the type lockup must always be the same color, either gator blue or white (depending on the application).








Notable exceptions where unique and individual graphic logos may continue to be used:

  • Publication/magazine mastheads
  • Direct Service Organizations (DSOs) with special marketing needs
  • Unique individual circumstances that have been presented to UF Strategic Communications and Marketing and granted permission
  • UF IFAS, UF Health, UF Athletics and UF Development and Alumni Affairs have certain established standards due to their individual needs.

Developing a Promotional Logo

Step ONE: Can you do it, or we have a pool of branding, communications agencies that are preapproved to provide services to the University of Florida. Get the preapproved agency list here.

Step TWO: For existing logos: Get it pre-approved by UF Strategic Communications and Marketing for adapting into the new format, then create a new promotional logo following the guidelines and templates.

For new logos: Follow the template and get cracking!

Step THREE: Submit your promotional logo to UF Strategic Communications and Marketing for approval.

Download the Promo Logo Templates
2.2MB .ZIP
(Adobe Illustrator Template format, .ait)

So I can adapt an existing logo that is in use?

Only with Strategic Communications and Marketing’s approval. Generally that approval depends on the quality of the logo mark you are currently using, and comparison of that quality against the whole of UF’s branding efforts. In some cases, it may be necessary to re-brand your effort with a new logo.  Templates are available below, as .ait files (Adobe Illustrator Template), and require the brand font Gentona Bold to be installed. More information on UF branding fonts.

Why does UF Strategic Communications and Marketing need to approve my promotional logo?

With a goal of creating a cohesive, consistent and unified visual identification system that reflects UF’s rise into the top tier of pubic universities, it’s critical that we guide and supervise the early implementation of this new category of the brand identity. Like the identity as a whole, we want everyone participating to ultimately carry it forward independently with confidence. Until then, we want to make sure everyone gets off to a great start.

What do I do with existing materials that are in use?

You may continue to use existing materials, collateral, displays etc. for the near future. When they are ready to be replaced or reprinted, use your new promotional logo. Materials that are produced prior to 3/30/16 can continue to be used until depleted. Materials created after 4/1/16 should be in compliance.

Are there alternate formats for promotional logos?

Yes, a horizontal template is included in the template kit above, making usage in tight spaces such as web banners and some promotional items much easier:

Quick Do’s and Don’ts with Promotional Logos


  • Utilize best practices and use professional design service providers whenever possible, whether internal or external. Strategic Communications and Marketing can help if you are understaffed and unable to hire external vendors.
  • Use color for expressiveness in the icon. Remember, you’re no longer limited to orange and blue here.
  • Consider simpler color schemes that aid in reproduction and may be less expensive to produce. Nobody needs a 7-color ball point pen. Consider how your icon may reproduce in 1 color.
  • Use your secondary promotional logo when you’re marketing.


  • Place words or phrases in your icon. The title and descriptor will handle that, and keep things simple. 1-3 monogrammatic letterforms are acceptable. Using acronyms generally won’t be very striking or useful in this context and may not be approved in some cases.
  • Crowd the clear zone margins between the icon and the title areas, or overlap any part of the icon with the title/descriptor. Maintain clear zone margins as outlined in the template.
  • Use your secondary promotional logo for administrative purposes, or to identify your effort with the unit or college you are associated with. Those institutional contexts require the use of standard Secondary Logos.
  • Include the Century Tower in your promotional logo. This iconic landmark at the University of Florida is reserved for university-wide promotion and cannot be used for any one unit or department.

UF Health

Please note that UF Health has its own unique set of identity standards to maintain the integrity of its established brand. Any logo reflecting the UF Health name should follow UF Health identity standards creativeservices.ufhealth.org . Requests for promotional logos pertaining to UF Health and its six health-related colleges, research centers, institutes and programs must flow through UF Health’s Communications Division for approval. Please contact 352-273-5810 for more information.