Photography is used to convey a sense of energy and warmth—whether it’s human personality or Florida sunshine—to the viewer. Radiating outdoor light and active people basking or working in it, are essential components of our photography.


It’s people – students, faculty and alumni – that make UF what it is. And they deserve to be shown in the best light. So try to use photos that have real, candid moments. A natural smile is always better than a forced one. When selecting images with multiple people, keep diversity of age, race, gender and ability in mind.

Student Life

The Florida weather and the social life it breeds are extremely appealing to prospective UF students. Showing students gathered in groups, working or playing, often make the most genuine moments. UF is academically driven, but it’s also a very fun place to be. And photos of student life should tell that story.


UF is blessed with historic residence halls, year-round green foliage, large sporting venues and photogenic people. When selecting shots of campus, look for images with angles that slightly point up to convey the feeling that UF is focused on what’s ahead. Also, try to find shots of campus with people, even if they are in the background, to add life to the photography.


Landscape photography is essential when highlighting our land grant university mission and heritage. When using a landscape photo, wider shots with large amounts of sky work best. We’re in the Sunshine State, so try to make warm, natural light a part of landscape images.

Additional Photography Guidelines

For more details on using photography within the UF brand guidelines, please reference the photo section of the Brand Guidelines PDF.

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