What is Our Brand?

The more impossible a challenge seems, the harder a Gator will work to overcome it. Whether it’s curing blindness, advancing treatments for juvenile diabetes or protecting the orange crop, we approach every day with a singular purpose. One that’s bigger than ourselves. Because we are Gators. Always. And we’ll pull together, inspire each other and move the whole world forward.

It’s more than a sunny disposition. It’s the foundation of the University of Florida’s brand. UF is a top 10 university and continues to gain national preeminence. The look, feel and tone contained in these brand standards reflect our mission to continue rising up the rankings of public institutions, while influencing a brighter future.

Our brand is what students, faculty, alumni, corporations, peers and outside observers all think, feel and respond to when they hear the University of Florida Gators mentioned.

Our Brand Rationale

Our brand rationale is a mission statement that defines who we are as a university. It’s a good idea to read through the rationale several times. The more familiar you are with what it means to be a Gator, the easier it will be to create truthful and compelling messages.

We come to UF as individuals with big dreams, ambitious goals and a deep desire to be a Gator. But that’s only the beginning. As Gators, our purpose is greater. We are a family—one that is forever loyal. That’s why there is no such thing as a former Gator. Our legacy is greater than a mascot. Or a logo. It’s more than titles and awards. It is the reason that UF stands as one of the nation’s preeminent institutions. It’s why we push each other every day, not only to make a positive impact in our community and our state, but to move the whole world forward.

With our recent move to top 10 status and the Board of Trustees’ goal of becoming a top 5, UF is at a critical point in its trajectory. It’s essential that all Gator Communicators continue to follow the established guidelines and use all of the available resources so we foster more aligned communications and marketing that support our shared mission while still honoring the important diversification of our complex university. The more consistent we are, the more strongly our message will resonate. So, let’s keep working together… For the Gator Good.

Branding Guidelines

For more information on using the UF brand effectively in your University of Florida communications, please reference the Brand Guidelines PDF.

Download the Brand Guidelines
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Graphics Tools

From branding guidelines, plug ins, templates and graphic assets, the Graphics Tools are for visual designers ready to apply parts of the brand to their projects. For information on official UF fonts, click here.

Get the Graphics Tools
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Presentation Tools

The new official UF PowerPoint templates are here! The template includes multiple cover layout options for various presentation types, and is formatted for a 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios. For use by UF communicators creating on-screen presentations.

Get the 4:3 Powerpoint Template
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Get the Widescreen 16:9 Powerpoint Template
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