UF logos are registered trademarks, so it is important that you not alter the artwork in any way.

UF symbols may be reproduced only from original master copies in this site.

The logo or monogram must be used as a prominent graphic element in all publications — print and electronic — affiliated with the university.

Determining Which Logo to Use

Colleges Initiatives Buildings
Schools Non-academic programs Venues
Departments Events Degrees
Centers Services
Institutes Campaigns

Primary Logo

The “primary” logo is the choice for use on the majority of university communications. There are several variations to meet differing design needs, and together they comprise the university’s logo system.

Primary logo

Download the Primary Logo (EPS)

Download the Primary Logo (TIF)

Vertical Logo

The vertical logo variation can be used when space is limited or when the logo must be placed in a grouping of other logos. (For example, in sponsorship or partnership listings.)

Download the Vertical Logo (EPS)

Download the Vertical Logo (TIF)

UF Monogram

The UF monogram is acceptable for use on apparel or promotional items. It may not be used any other way.


Download the Monogram Logo (EPS)

Download the Monogram Logo (TIF)

University Seal

Use of the University of Florida’s University Seal

The University Seal symbolizes the formal authority vested in the university. Adopted by the institution over 100 years ago, it is used on our most prestigious and distinguished communications. The seal, an homage to the Seal of the Great State of Florida, incorporates our motto, Civium in moribus rei publicae salus (The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens), and founding date. Because of the distinguished heritage, the seal is reserved for exclusive official and ceremonial uses.

Approved uses are:

  • Materials from the Office of the President
  • Retirement recognitions
  • Graduation award plaques
  • Graduation diplomas/certificates
  • Commemorative recognitions submitted from the Vice President of Business Affairs Office

The seal should not be altered in any way. Recommended alternative uses instead of the seal are:

  • The vertical UF logo
  • The primary logo

Please note, only University of Florida offices and departments have permission for use of the UF logos. UF approved and licensed vendors can provide guidance on alternatives.

Perpetual Plaques:

If a perpetual plaque has the University of Florida seal placed on it prior to March 2021, the seal can remain on the award until that plaque’s slots have been filled. Once the slots have been fulfilled and a new plaque is commissioned, the University Seal will not be placed on the newest plaque.

If consistency is desired between the plaques, an alternative is to replace the seal with the UF logo. The University of Florida isn’t responsible for the change or damage that could be incurred for the update.


Optional variations

Orange and Blue two-color version (preferred use):

Blue PMS 287:



White (reversed):


Clear Zones

The logo must be surrounded on all sides by clear space. The clear space should be no less than one-half the height of the “UF” monogram. Do not print graphics, rules, typography or other elements in this area.



The size of the UF logo should not be less than 1 ½ inches in length and proportions should not be altered.


The two-color logo is always preferred. Both black and white may be used as a substitute if the official colors do not work or are not available. Official colors are Pantone 172 (orange) and Pantone 287 (blue).

University of Florida Official Colors
Blue 287 0, 33, 165 C100, M60, Y0, K20 #0021A5
Orange 172 250, 70, 22 C0, M70, Y100, K0 #FA4616

Retired Logos and “The Foundation for the Gator Nation” Theme Line

The old version of the UF Logo which contained the theme line, “The Foundation for The Gator Nation,” has been retired and should no longer be used. The old version of the UF Logo which contains the UF Seal instead of the monogram has also been retired and should no longer be used. Materials which include these old logo versions should be replaced as soon as possible.

Unacceptable Variations

Maintaining the integrity of the university signature is important. It must be presented in a clear, consistent, and effective manner.

Always use original digital art. The logo cannot be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any way. Use of a font or art similar to the official UF trademarks in order to circumvent the requirements is not allowed. Graphic elements that appear to connect or combine the UF trademark with other logos or graphics are not allowed.

Athletic Marks

The University of Florida athletic logo, trademark, mascot and name are reserved for use by the University Athletic Association and its entities.

Use of the athletic logos, trademarks, mascot or name is prohibited in communications that promote non-athletic activities and entities.



For more information, visit the Athletic Association’s page on Licensing & Trademarks.

Use of UF trademarks by or with non-UF entities

Any associations or affiliates of the university wishing to use the university logo or monogram must have prior approval and must use it in accordance with the guidelines in this manual. To request permission, contact University Communications at 352-846-3903 or contact us here.

Vendors may mention the university as a customer/client by name in their marketing. They cannot, however, imply that UF recommends them; and the use of any official UF logo is not permitted.

In situations where strategic and/or financial relationships with UF units exist, the trademark(s) or logo(s) of the associate or associates may be displayed in printed and electronic communications with prior approval, but should be separated from the UF trademark by at least one half-inch and should not be given prominence over the UF mark.

UF Health

Please note that UF Health has its own unique set of identity standards to maintain the integrity of its established brand. Any logo reflecting the UF Health name should follow UF Health identity standards creativeservices.ufhealth.org . Requests for logos pertaining to UF Health and its six health-related colleges, research centers, institutes and programs must flow through UF Health’s Communications Division for approval. Please contact 352-273-5810 for more information.

About Graphics Formats

EPS: Encapsulated Postscript. This is a “vector” file, scalable to any size within graphics software such as the Adobe Creative Suite. Also usable within Powerpoint.
AI: Adobe Illustrator. This is also a source vector file, editable and scalable to any size and resolution needed. Requires the Adobe Creative Suite.
TIF, BMP, JPG: Bitmapped formats that have fixed resolutions. Do not enlarge these files, or pixels will show.