All University of Florida vehicles that display a logo or other signage must conform to the university’s graphic standards program. Vehicles include, but are not limited to, trucks, cars, vans, boats and motorized carts. The University Police Department and University Athletic Association are exempt from these standards. These standards apply to all newly acquired vehicles that display a logo. They are optional for those units who wish to apply the new identification to existing vehicles.

The preferred vehicle color is white or medium to dark blue. To have the UF signature installed on a vehicle, contact the University Physical Plant Division, Work Management Center at 352-392-1121. The exact location and configuration of the UF signature and unit name will be determined by the University Physical Plant based on vehicle type and style.

Considerations include:

  • UF Signature and unit name should be displayed on the front door panel of a car, van or truck using the seven-inch sizing.
  • The placement and spacing of the signature will follow spacing relationships established in earlier sections of the graphic standards manual.
  • When the unit name is to be included with the UF Signature, the unit name should be uppercase and lowercase letters positioned under the signature. The unit name will be left or right justified based on the size and shape of the door panel. The unit name cannot be longer than 2 lines and should not be larger than three inches high.
  • If the vehicle is light in color, the UF Signature and unit name will be the official blue color (PMS 287). If the vehicle is dark in color, the UF Signature and unit name will be bright white.
  • The UF Signature and unit name should not be used in conjunction with other logos on vehicles without prior approval. Exceptions could include vehicles used in competitions with multiple sponsors, and emergency response vehicles which require recognizable graphic elements.

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