Standards have been established to provide for proper and secure usage. Here a few questions every manager should ask:

  • Will your site support an objective consistent with the mission and goals of your unit? Since approval is required by your unit VP, it is recommended that a written business plan be provided to assist in making the decision).
  • Have you gotten training in the proper use of UF social media? Social media sites intended for unit communications purposes have very different requirements than personal sites. Thoughtful, professional posts and responses are critical to protecting the image of your unit and the university.
  • Are you familiar with the UF social media standards, which include Web acceptable use policy and UF identity standards? Your site will need to be in compliance before receiving approval. Please note that your unit might have additional standards and requirements.
  • Is there sufficient staff time available to manage the site? As you know, social media is essentially a conversation. Regular interaction between posts and comments is important to the success of the site, and you should expect to devote at least an hour a day to keeping the site current, responding to comments and developing engaging content.
  • Could content on the site raise privacy concerns? FERPA, HIPAA and public information law should all be taken into account when posting on social media, and you should be informed in applicable areas of information security before launching a site.

Once your unit VP or designee has evaluated/approved your request, University Relations will register the site and review it for identity compliance.

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