Q: Is an electronic letterhead template available?

A: Yes, at Official UF Stationery.

Q: Can I print letterhead in black only on my laser printer?

A: The template available on the identity web site is intended for use on color printers only. It will not print properly on a black & white printer.

Q: My unit still has a supply of business cards and stationery with our previous logo but would like to eventually adopt the new signature. Do we have to switch now?

You may use all remaining supplies until depleted. Any new printings or reprints should comply with the standards.

Q: Is there more than one stationery style? Can I create my own version of stationery or business cards?

A: There is only one approved style for use by full-time employees of the university, all stationery must comply with that format and only full-time employees are allowed to use official UF stationery and business cards. There is an additional style available specifically designed for advanced degree students. No modifications to the official formats are permitted. Printed stationery is not to be personalized. Business cards are the appropriate place for such personalized information.

Q: Where can I order new stationery & business cards?

A: There are several approved vendors who already have all the appropriate graphic elements. A list can be found at Print Vendors.

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