Q: May businesses and individuals outside of the university use the logos and marks of the university?

A: Not without authorization from the Office of University Communications.

Q: I am working with an outside vendor to have T-shirts made. The vendor asked for a vector version of the logo. What should I give them?

A: EPS (encapsulated postscript files) are vector files.

Q: I’m not part of the UF staff, but I’m a vendor partner (advertising agency, design firm, production designer, printer, etc.) that produces marketing and communications solutions for the University of Florida. Do these Identity Guidelines apply to outside projects also?

A: Yes. The university’s logos are registered trademarks and as such must always be represented in a consistent manner. Outside organizations must acquire prior written approval before using any of the official marks. Any questions regarding proper or consistent application of the UF branding to your projects can be addressed by contacting University Communications.

Q: Can alumni or student groups sell products using the University’s marks as a fundraiser?

A: Only with prior written authorization from the Office of University Communications.

Q: A corporate vendor has provided many products for use in my department at a favorable cost. In exchange, the provider wants us to let them use the university name and logo on their website and in their marketing materials. Can we?

A: It is possible for them to use the name of the university, but not any of the UF trademarks. Any use of the university name by corporate vendors requires prior written approval from the Office of University Communications.

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