Office, address and phone information: The primary purpose of printed information on stationery and envelopes is to provide information for responses. That information, in its minimum form, should include the university’s name, the unit name, box number and/or room number and building, city, state and 5 plus 4 zip code on the envelope. The stationery should also include the general office telephone numbers with area code. No more than three unit names (office, center, department, college) should be used (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of History, for example).

Type sizes: The primary unit division, department, center or other name (unit sending letter) is 10-point bold with 12-point leading. All other address information is 10-point regular or Roman (not bold) with 12- point leading.

Names and titles: With the exception of the president of the university, printed stationery is not to be personalized. Business cards are the appropriate place for such personalized information.

Please refer to the letterhead template below to ensure you adhere to the specific guidelines.
UF Contract for Letterhead Stationery, Envelopes and Business Cards

Letterhead Template:

Download the UF Letterhead template (.doc)

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