Q: What’s the difference between the UF “brand” and the “identity”?

A: Our identity is made up of all the visual elements such as colors, logos and printed materials that we are often identified by. Our brand is made up of all the ways our audiences identify with UF. That means not only the trademarks, fonts and colors our audiences love — but the manner in which we communicate, how we carry ourselves, what we present to the world and how we tell our stories.

Q: Where can I download the UF signatures?

A: Downloadable TIFF and EPS versions are available at Primary Logos and Usage.

Q: I prefer to use the Gator Head athletic logo. May I use it on my publication?

A: The Gator Head logo is the university’s athletic symbol and cannot be used in place of the UF monogram/wordmark.

Q: When can I use the Athletic Association Gator Head logo?

A: Use of the Gator Head must be approved by the UAA. Contact Debbie Gay at debbieg@gators.uaa.ufl.edu for consideration.

Q: Can I use the UF signature for my department or unit, but alter it to be a little different to set us apart?

A: No, the UF signature is a registered trademark and as such cannot be modified in any way. Also, unique departmental and unit logos are no longer approved by the identity standards.

Q: May I take the UF monogram out of the logo and use it as a graphic element on my brochure?

A: Yes, the monogram can be used as a separate design element. However, it may not be used in place of the primary or vertical signature.

Q: If I have questions or need approvals, who do I contact?

A: The Office of University Communications at 352-846-3903, or e-mail identity@admin.ufl.edu.

Q: What is a secondary signature? What is proper usage?

A: Secondary signatures allow for individual identifiers while retaining an overall university identity. These signatures are not to be used on publication cover designs, stationery or business cards.

Q: How do I obtain a secondary signature for my unit?

A: EPS and TIF versions of many college/unit/department signatures are available at Secondary Logos. If you do not find your signature, please contact University Communications at 352-846-3903 or identity@admin.ufl.edu to have one created.

Q: Am I required to use the signatures established as the “official” marks of the university, and are there be penalties for not following the guidelines?

A: Yes, the identifiers are registered trademarks and must be used in all official university communications. Failure to use them, and use them properly, not only compromises the university’s branding efforts, but could result in the loss of trademark protection under the law. In some cases, improper use of official marks can lead to additional unit expenses, such as the costs to reprint materials when necessary.

Q: Where do I place the primary UF signature in print materials or on my web site?

A: In print materials such as brochures, newsletters and magazines, the primary university signature must be clearly and prominently displayed on the front cover. Unit secondary logos may not be used on front covers, but can be used on back covers, with other unit-specific contact information. On web sites, the preferred position is in the lower right-hand corner of the home page.

Q: We’re still using the old UF wordmark on our department’s web pages and on our print materials. Do we have to create new materials using the new logo?

A: You should have your web manager update your web site immediately. Printed materials that were printed prior to 8/1/06 can continue to be used until depleted. Any materials printed after 8/1/06 should already be in compliance.

Q: I would like to use another logo in addition to the UF signature on the cover of my brochure, since it is being paid for or sponsored by or is a joint venture? Can I use multiple logos on the cover?

A: Under these circumstances it is possible to include partners’ logos on the cover, but the UF logo must be prominent, and separated from the other logos. Do not form a group of logos that includes an official UF mark.

Q: What are the rules regarding adding logos of affiliated organizations?

A: It is possible to include strategic partners’ logos on the cover, but the UF logo must be prominent, and separated from the other logos.

Q: I want my work to stand out and be different. Can I use other formats, colors, fonts and images not described and provided in the Identity Guidelines?

A: Possibly, but UF signatures cannot be modified or physically associated with other logos or graphic elements. If you feel you may not be in compliance, discuss your concepts with the Office of University Communications.

Q: To what degree may publications create their own personality within the confines of the identity guidelines?

A: To a great degree. The guidelines are not intended to limit creativity or individuality – just to insure that the university is identified in an appropriate and consistent way.

Q: Do you need to use a specific font for UF publications?

A: No. Font requirements are only specific to the official university logo graphics.

Q: How should the themeline “The Foundation of The Gator Nation” be used in text?

A: When it stands alone, it should be written as “The Foundation for The Gator Nation.” In running copy, it can be written as “the foundation for The Gator Nation.”

Q: Where can I find approved photography to use?

A: The university stock photography library contains thousands of UF-related images.

Q: May I add my department’s name underneath the UF Signature?

A: See Secondary Logos.

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