Q: As an academic institution, why should we care about branding?

A: The university competes with many other institutions for students, faculty, staff and funding. Our branding efforts are designed to project a consistent, positive image for UF, which makes us attractive to these critical audiences, and allows us to defend and grow our position in the academic world.

Q: Why is it important to follow the Graphic Standards?

A: First, we are an extremely diverse institution, but our real strength lies in the fact that we are all part of the University of Florida. Our graphic standards allow us to communicate that relationship. Second, our logos are registered trademarks, and as such, by law, must be presented in a consistent form.

Q: I have a special project that does not seem to be addressed in the Identity Guidelines. Can exceptions be made?

A: Possibly, but you will need prior approval from the Office of University Communications. Contact us.

Q: Who must follow the identity guidelines?

A: Anyone who is using the official university marks for any purpose.

Q: How do the Identity Guidelines apply to university entities such as institutes, centers or other affiliated entities like museums?

A: All official units of the university must follow the identity standards. In some cases for unique marketing purposes, exceptions may be considered, but it is recommended that the official guidelines always be followed as closely as possible.

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