Q. Does everything have to be orange and blue?

A: No, detailed color-use guidelines are available Color Guidelines and Resources.

Q. What color can I use on the UF signatures?

A: The official UF signature can only be reproduced in orange & blue, blue, black, or white.

Q: What are the names (values) of the official orange and blue colors?

A: For printing, spot colors are: orange, PMS-172; blue, PMS- 287. CMYK colors are: orange, 70M 100K; blue, 100C 60M 20K. For the web, RGB colors are: orange – 250, 70, 22; blue – 0, 33, 165. Hex colors are: orange – #FA4616; blue – #0021A5.

Q: The orange RGB & HEX values doesn’t match previous versions, which was R255 G74 B0, #FF4A00. Why?

A: A slight adjustment was made to align the official UF orange with the Athletic Association’s RGB standard — so that all use online would be consistent. If you have existing web sites or pages that use the old orange standard, that this slight change be made during any routine maintenance or upgrades.

Q: The UF signature logo looks purple rather than blue when I preview it on my monitor. Why?

A: Monitors vary in the way they reproduce color. The values provided at Color Guidelines and Resources were selected to insure consistency in printed form.

Q: To what extent can the secondary color palettes be used?

A: The secondary palettes are provided to compliment the primary (orange and blue) colors, but should not be used to replace them where they are required, such as in official logo graphics.

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