Campus Entrance Sign (5′ wide by 4′ high). This sign is used to welcome visitors upon arrival at the campus and delineate campus boundaries.

Major Zone Sign (4′ wide by 4′ high). This sign will be used, wherein possible, to identify college areas, usually limited to 2 signs per college.

Building sign (3′ wide by 2′ high) This sign identifies campus buildings by official name. The name is not meant to be commemorative and thus should be limited to key phrases; for instance, the John Q. Smith, Jr. Hall should be labeled “Smith Hall”. All main entrances shall be marked. A bottom board of 12″ or 18″ can be mounted below the sign to indicate departments, centers and other occupants of the building.

Special sign (30″ wide by 18″ high) A special sign will be used to identify non-building areas or features of interest, example: “Lake Alice Field.”

Some UF facilities are located in commercial buildings off campus. Signage standards are often pre-determined to provide architectural consistency and therefore prevent the application of individual logos. In such cases, the university logo should still be utilized where possible, such as on glass doors and/or windows, or in prominent interior spaces such as lobbies.

A low-cost sign or sign replacement is available through Physical Plant/Facilities. Contact 392-2855 or

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