Did you know there are more official UF colors than orange and blue? Secondary color palettes can make your work more dynamic while staying on brand.

Primary Color Palette

Mention the University of Florida and, naturally, the colors orange and blue immediately come to mind. They are deeply rooted within our DNA and therefore comprise our primary color palette. While all communications should use these two hero colors, we offer a range of other palettes to complement them.

The University of Florida color palette (PMS, CMYK, RGB, Web) should be used whenever possible. The traditional orange and blue will remain a dominant design element enhanced by a palette of complementary and accent colors

PMS 172
C-0, M-70, Y-100, K-0
R-250, G-70, B-22
PMS 287
C-100, M-60, Y-0, K-20
R-0, G-33, B-165

Secondary Color Palettes

To assist designers with color decisions, the below secondary color palette is offered. This palette is meant to be a guide for publications and products and to complement the primary palette.

Neutral Color Palette
PMS 30-6
C-10, M-20, Y-40, K-10
R-207, G-182, B-145
PMS 292-9
C-10, M-0, Y-15, K-10
R-207, G-219, B-203
PMS 18-8
C-0, M-5, Y-20, K-0
R-255, G-239, B-207
PMS Cool Gray 6C
C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-35
R-177, G-179, B-182


Bright Color Palette
PMS 293-2
C-50, M-0, Y-85, K-35
R-94, G-142, B-63
PMS 175-2
C-60, M-80, Y-0, K-35
R-89, G-54, B-116
PMS 18-1
C-0, M-35, Y-100, K-0
R-252, G-175, B-23
PMS 87-1
C-0, M-100, Y-90, K-10
R-215, G-24, B-42


Muted Color Palette
PMS 216-5
C-50, M-20, Y-0, K-15
R-108, G-154, B-195
PMS 46-3
C-10, M-50, Y-85, K-0
R-226, G-143, B-65


Preeminence Color Palette
PMS 7674
C-33, M-0, Y-16, K-0
R-168, G-220, B-217
PMS 7489
C-54, M-3, Y-81, K-20
R-128, G-190, B-99
PMS 7485
C-12, M-4, Y-21, K-0
R-224, G-229, B-205

Color Palette Assets

The Adobe .ase files downloadable below include all the color swatches for print and web/screen use and can be imported into Illustrator and InDesign for easy reference.

Download UF Print Color Palettes

Download UF Web/Screen Color Palettes