Campus Exterior Sign Policy

While consideration is given to such factors as special applications, architectural environment and landscape; the university’s signage program is primarily for way-finding. Consistency is maintained with the university’s identity program by using the university signature and official university colors, with blue being the dominant color. Building signage replacement can be ordered at the college or unit’s expense through Physical Plant/ Facilities. To place a work order contact 392-1121 or

  • This policy is applicable to all university departments, agencies, and tenants of campus.
  • The Physical Plant Division will be responsible for making and placing all campus signs.
  • Budget entities will be responsible for paying for requested signs.
  • Building signs identify campus buildings by official name. The name is not to be commemorative and must be limited to key phrases; for example Smith Hall, not John Q. Smith Jr. Hall.
  • No temporary signage, posters, or banners are permitted on campus buildings or grounds other than those already approved-official light post banner program and student organization announcement areas.
  • Student organization announcements may be placed in designated areas on the Plaza of the Americas and the north lawn of the Reitz Union with permission from the Student Activities and Involvement office in the Union.

Historical Markers

Historical markers across campus chronicle major research achievements of the university and highlight individuals and groups who made important contributions.

All faculty members, staff, students, alumni and others interested in saluting the University of Florida’s rich tradition of achievement by creating a marker should visit for information about the proper procedure.

Campus Sign Description

Campus Sign Description

Campus Entrance Sign (5′ wide by 4′ high). This sign is used to welcome visitors upon arrival at the campus and delineate campus boundaries.

Major Zone Sign (4′ wide by 4′ high). This sign will be used, wherein possible, to identify college areas, usually limited to 2 signs per college.

Building sign (3′ wide by 2′ high) This sign identifies campus buildings by official name. The name is not meant to be commemorative and thus should be limited to key phrases; for instance, the John Q. Smith, Jr. Hall should be labeled “Smith Hall”. All main entrances shall be marked. A bottom board of 12″ or 18″ can be mounted below the sign to indicate departments, centers and other occupants of the building.

Special sign (30″ wide by 18″ high) A special sign will be used to identify non-building areas or features of interest, example: “Lake Alice Field.”

Some UF facilities are located in commercial buildings off campus. Signage standards are often pre-determined to provide architectural consistency and therefore prevent the application of individual logos. In such cases, the university logo should still be utilized where possible, such as on glass doors and/or windows, or in prominent interior spaces such as lobbies.

A low-cost sign or sign replacement is available through Physical Plant/Facilities. Contact 392-2855 or

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All University of Florida vehicles that display a logo or other signage must conform to the university’s graphic standards program. Vehicles include, but are not limited to, trucks, cars, vans, boats and motorized carts. The University Police Department and University Athletic Association are exempt from these standards. These standards apply to all newly acquired vehicles that display a logo. They are optional for those units who wish to apply the new identification to existing vehicles.

The preferred vehicle color is white or medium to dark blue. To have the UF signature installed on a vehicle, contact the University Physical Plant Division, Work Management Center at 352-392-1121. The exact location and configuration of the UF signature and unit name will be determined by the University Physical Plant based on vehicle type and style.

Considerations include:

  • UF Signature and unit name should be displayed on the front door panel of a car, van or truck using the seven-inch sizing.
  • The placement and spacing of the signature will follow spacing relationships established in earlier sections of the graphic standards manual.
  • When the unit name is to be included with the UF Signature, the unit name should be uppercase and lowercase letters positioned under the signature. The unit name will be left or right justified based on the size and shape of the door panel. The unit name cannot be longer than 2 lines and should not be larger than three inches high.
  • If the vehicle is light in color, the UF Signature and unit name will be the official blue color (PMS 287). If the vehicle is dark in color, the UF Signature and unit name will be bright white.
  • The UF Signature and unit name should not be used in conjunction with other logos on vehicles without prior approval. Exceptions could include vehicles used in competitions with multiple sponsors, and emergency response vehicles which require recognizable graphic elements.

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