Many light poles on campus can be reserved (by UF entities) to display promotional banners.  These poles are equipped with two horizontal brackets to which the banners attach.  It is also possible to use some poles that do not currently have brackets. If the advertiser wants to use these poles, they will be responsible for purchasing brackets (approximately $60/set) and having them installed by PPD. There is an associated charge to install the brackets. Once installed, they become the property of UF.


The banner brackets are designed to hold double-sided banners with sewn-in pole pockets top and bottom. The finished size after the pole pockets are hemmed should be 2’ X 6.’  The live area for design purposes is 21” X 64”. Send your artwork to UF Communications for approval before production.

Step 1

UF Communications maintains a spreadsheet of available light poles, their locations, and reservation dates for banners currently in place. Email a request to University Communications, at to receive the most current data so you may review which light poles are available.

Select the light poles you want to reserve. Each light pole has a number – either on a white band approximately 3′ above the base or on a vertical strip approximately 7′ above the base.  Make note of the numbers on the light poles you select. Even though there are may already be banners on desired poles, it is possible they have completed their schedule and can be replaced with your design.

Step 2

Email a request to University Communications, at  Please include:

  1. The numbers from the poles you would like to use
  2. The time period you would like them to be on display, and
  3. The artwork of the banner design.

Step 3

UF Communications will review your request, confirm availability and approve or revise your artwork.

Step 4

Once your final light pole selection is determined, you will need to fill out a job request for installation through Physical Plant Division at Use the light pole ID numbers to indicate your choices. There is a charge for installation.

Email Nicole Yucht at if you have any questions or need additional information.