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Social Media

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Social media is, like websites, official university communication. Registration and approval is required before launching a social media account that includes university content. Continue reading

Web Standards

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Guidelines and templates for aligning your web sites with the new home page and UF brand. Continue reading

Advertising & Marketing Agency Vendors

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For your convenience, we have several additional agencies that are preapproved to provide marketing services. The agencies range in size and capabilities, from handling small projects to major campaigns, and all have access to the branding tools and resources. Continue reading

Media-placement Agencies

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We have a pool of pre-qualified firms with that the University of Florida may contract for media planning and media purchasing including broadcast, print, outdoor and digital. As stewards of the UF brand, where we place our advertising to reach… Continue Reading →

Print Standards

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Publications A publication – whether printed or electronic — that is clearly written, well designed and produced with an attention to quality is much more likely to be effective. To provide a consistent visual image, it is important that each… Continue Reading →

Research Promotion Initiative

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The Research Promotion Initiative award is on a brief hiatus and will resume in Spring 2020. If your research has been accepted to a journal and it has impact beyond the field of study and is timely, please still feel… Continue Reading →

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